How we do it?

Before we have entered the printing business, all the companies in this area were clearly divided into specializations: some produced business cards and flyers, others – large format posts and tilts, still others printed magazines or window stickers, cardboard or plastic advertising products. And the number of those who engaged in reselling these services was three times larger than the number of the very producers.

Thus a client willing for a complex order to get executed, was forced to address several different companies, enter into several negotiation processes, and finally wait and hope for all those companies to make their work on time and qualitatively.

Such process caused major headache and insecurity about the final product, and uncertainties regarding prices.

What was our solution? We have integrated all the areas of printing business under the roof of industrial premises of 1500 sq. meters of area. And we do everything by ourselves without reselling, because its just simpler, more effective and more beneficial both for us and for our clients who more and more often call us partners not simply suppliers.

Produce everything and produce everything well are two different but compatible things. Our objective to be competitive with respect to both quality and price in all the areas of printing business requires constant major investments to the modern production equipment, attraction and retention of experienced specialists, and constant training of stuff.

All this gives positive results. You may check this at our Gallery.